Monday, August 25

no tears

I can't believe it. This is the first year where I haven't cried on the first day of school. Maybe it's because I don't have anyone in kindergarten. Maybe it's because they are happy to go. Corey says that I am finally growing up. yeah, right!
Anyway, everyone did wonderfully this morning. Lleyton and I even went up to the school to have lunch with Sophia. (Noah didn't want us to come eat with him.) They are all doing well. We were concerned about Sophia since there were so many tears from her last year throughout the entire year, but there haven't been any yet today.

The crew.
Noah got his Green Bay Packers shirt for his birthday from his Aunt Jamie. When he saw the package, he said, "I just know that it is clothes." We were teasing him and saying it was socks. Boy, was he relieved when he got it open! He was so excited. I just hope he takes the shirt off often enough so I can wash it!

Lleyton needed his picture taken, too.

Isn't her hair just gorgeous! We put it in rag curlers last night. I just love it. She keeps asking to get it cut short, but I'm just not ready for that to happen.

Here is Noah at his desk. He is sad, because there are only girls at his table. He wouldn't let me walk him to class. After we got Sophia settled, we went to check on him. He was so excited to see all of his friends again and to be doing work. (we'll see how long the excitement about work lasts!)

I can't wait to see Alexandra get off the bus and find out how her day went. Until then, I think I will treat myself to lunch - I have a coupon for a free zaxby's meal!


  1. Woohoo!!! I'm so glad it went well!

  2. The kids are too cute. Thanks for letting me hang at your house today and helping me through my first day of kindergarten!

  3. Our first day went as well as yours! Yeah!! We were a little worried about Joshua, but he surprised us all! Good luck next week with pre-school!

  4. Yeah.. glad it went tear free!!! Love sophias hair.. keep it long!! :)

  5. I am glad to hear there were no tears---from you or Sophia. I hope you get a chance to enjoy some quiet time before pre-school starts. Good luck with it.
    P.S. Sophias hair IS gorgeous. I wonder if Samantha would let me do that to her hair?