Saturday, October 18

so tired...

It has been a long day. Let me recap for you...
6am -in the shower
8am - off to Target to buy 2 birthday presents and 1 wedding gift (for some reason, I cannot type wedding present. it just doesn't sound right to me.)
10am - stake leadership meeting
1pm - take Sophia to birthday party
3pm - work class booths at the school carnival
4pm - take my own kids around the carnival
7pm - attend wedding reception while Alexandra BABYSITS!!! (they were all alive and well when we returned home. ahhhhh)

It is now 10pm and I need to sit down and make a list of all that still needs to be done for Super Saturday (which is, now, less than a week away). I will be so happy on Oct. 26th...


  1. at least you sound organized.. and you can handle it!! Your sat will be super!!!

  2. Sounds busy! But you are so organized that I am sure it went flawless.