Saturday, November 1

fabulous blog

I just recently found out that my friend, Sandi (roomies from our BYU days), has a coupon/deal blog! I am so excited!! I just love to get a good deal and she has had some good ones. In fact, I just ordered 2 bras and 1 panty from victorias secret and only paid $16.99 shipped - thanks to Sandi. So, go on over and check out her blog!


  1. Thanks April! That means a lot! Love your blog - finally got a chance to read through it.

    I was thinking the last time I saw you, your oldest was a newborn and we went out to eat at Brick Oven with the gang. Can't believe it was so long ago...

  2. okay so I tried to do the VS thing..and the coupons didn't work.. boo hoo.. I may have to try again!!

  3. Rebecca,

    Did you make sure to get the correct items? Maybe the codes have expires? I have no idea. I would definitely try again, though. Keep me updated!