Thursday, November 6

halloween, finally

Here is Lleyton with his BFF, Darcy. Lleyton is wearing the famous Purple Dinosaur costume. (well, it is famous in our family) I made this costume for Alexandra 9 years ago and all of the children have taken their turn with it. Lleyton made this costume all his own, though. Never before has the purple dinosaur eaten people or used his large tail as a machine gun. I guess there is always a first for everything!

Our beautiful Sophia had her dream come true - she was a mom. :) (please note the use of the wonderful Over the Shoulder Baby Holder sling - yes, you can get your little girl one to use with her dolls!) She only had one problem with her costume - she wanted to know how she could hold her diet dr pepper and her candy...

Alexandra was a simple black cat. I think this costume will serve her well in the years to come. I'm not sure what she's doing with her eyes, but this was the only normal picture I could find of her.

Here is our Pirate King! He even wore his costume to school and had so much fun.
We didn't make it to trunk or treat this year. Sophia was ill and it was the same day as Super Saturday. I was just way too exhausted.


  1. That cute Sophia knows whats important to MOMS "caffeine"

  2. They all look great! Yeah- the night of trunk or treat- I wasn't happy that Eric was sick but I DID end up falling asleep by 7pm while watching a movie with the kids, lol.

  3. Pictures are great. Love the costumes. Miss you guys.
    Aunt Janet

  4. I love your stories and pictures! Your kids are sooo adorable. Sophia makes a great mom, btw. Diet D.P. and candy, my kind of meal!

  5. Love the pictures thanks for sharing!