Wednesday, November 19


I found this note on Alexandra's door the other day. I loved it! My kids are always putting up notes on their bedroom doors. Do your kids do this, too? I think my favorite part of this one is that she is charging a fee for breaking in! If you are having a hard time reading it, here is what it says -
"Private Property
Any entrance without my permission will result in a $0.10 fee.
Rules for My Room:
Treat my things like you treat yours
Be kind
Clean up what you get out
no fighting
No boys allowed!"
J., L., and Alexandra at their Harry Potter Trivia competition. I think that she has read every book in the series at least 3 or 4 times. She is a Harry Potter nut!
Anyway, she and 2 friends entered a competition in Dallas this past weekend. It was really fun for her. They all made a pact that they would not be angry or upset with each other if someone did really well and beat out the others. I was so worried that Alexandra would be the one who lost while her friends moved on to the other rounds. I shouldn't have worried - she moved on to the 2nd round while her friends went home! She came really close to making it through to the championship, but ended up being 3rd. Instead of staying to watch and see who won, she had us take her to get ice cream. :)


  1. I knew you were raising your kids right!

  2. That's so awesome!!! Way to go, Alexandra! Lafe's right - Harry Potter, Star Wars, ..... Great job!!!

  3. That note is great!! I can't wait to see if my kids do that when they can write.

  4. I love that note! I remember doing that when I was young

  5. that is so cool!! I am impressed.. I can not even get through one of those books!!! The note is priceless!!! Thats a smart thinker!!!

  6. Love the note on the door. Great job on the competition