Wednesday, June 3

1st Grade Luau

Here is my Sophia with one of her friends.

Can you tell that she got a haircut? She has been begging and begging to get her hair cut short. I finally caved. They cut 5 inches off!! I almost cried, but, I have to admit, that she looks absolutely adorable. It actually makes her look older. *sigh*

Lleyton was having such a great time! He sat with the big kids for lunch. Sophia even let him play a game with her. What a sweetie.


  1. She looks gorgeous, as usual. Tell her Aunt Ruth loves and misses her.

  2. She is darling! I love her hair short. It does make her look older.

  3. I miss you guys! I love Sophia's new hair. Make sure and tell her that :)

  4. Her short hair was the first thing I noticed. She is so cute!