Tuesday, January 4

late start

Well, I am already off to a late start with blogging this year! (of course)

This past Sunday, we switched to 9am-12pm church time. I have always loved the early meeting schedule. You are home by lunch and then everyone gets to take a nap. Well, my kids don't take naps anymore, unless they are sick. Unfortunately, I don't think I will be getting my Sunday nap...

My calling as Young Women's President is taking more time than ever. With me working most of the week and a counselor who works, it is looking like Sunday nap time is the only time we will have for presidency meetings and visiting. sigh Don't get me wrong, I enjoy serving in Young Women, but it does take a lot of time and sacrifice. The girls are worth it, though!

With early church, ward council meetings are even earlier - 7:15am! Wow.


Yesterday, the kids headed back to school. None of them were thrilled about it. It was the very first year, though, that Sophia did not cry! She has always had such a struggle with leaving me to attend school and going back after Christmas break was so hard. She is really growing up. She also has a wonderful teacher this year who really understands her. What a blessing!

Corey ended up working from home, so it still felt a little like vacation. I feel like I spent the day doing things just for me. :) I walked on the treadmill, met with Leslie (she is designing some fabulous yw jewelry for me!), went to lunch with Corey and got a massage from the great Hannah Reasoner! The time flew by - but it was a really good day!

I really need to work on taking more pictures!

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  1. We switched from 8 to 10 - not sure why our building doesn't do 9! Lafe's meetings only changed from 6 to 6:30! Oh well, it's probably better. Sounds like a fun day!