Monday, December 31

Working Hard

Alex has been working hard to earn money for her spring color guard trip and EFY. A few weeks ago, we had a babysitting night here at the house. We made it a Polar Express theme and invited lots of friends to join us. Several families took advantage of the night off - we had 16 children attend! It was a lot of fun.

She has also been making cinnamon rolls to sell. I used to sell them and had a customer call and ask for some. I had not planned on doing any, but thought it would be a good idea to have Alex help me. We ended up selling 18 pans!



  1. Great ideas!!!! (LOVE your kitchen!!!!!!)

  2. Thanks! We have a few more ideas in the works. I am loving my new kitchen, too. :) I will have to do a photo post about the house...after it is all clean! I almost didn't post this picture, since it shows how messy the counters were behind her.