Thursday, January 3

whole food eating adventure

I really dislike the word "diet". I have gone on too many diets in my life that have not helped me to make my body healthier at.all. I have lost some weight on them, but have generally felt deprived and not good about myself.

I am ready to be healthy. I am ready to be strong. I am ready to feel great!

To do this, I am taking my family on a life-long adventure. (doesn't that sound much more fun than a diet?) We are going to focus on Whole Food Eating.

Our adventure will include lots of fruits, vegetables, grass-fed beef, pastured chicken & eggs, wild-caught fish, coconut oil, raw honey, butter and full-fat dairy. We will be eating less grains, making sure that the ones we do eat are whole grains. We will be working hard to eliminate processed foods, making our own version instead.

Of course, this adventure will include finding deals and saving money. I love to find a good deal! I also need to stick to my budget. Trying new things can often lead to spending a LOT of money (in my experience) and I want to avoid that.

I am looking forward to spending much more time in the kitchen and sharing my recipes with you.

I hope you come along for the ride! Do you already focus on whole food eating? I would love to hear what works for you. 

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