Sunday, July 22

Friday Field Trips

Here is a great idea for those of you with kiddos who get bored in the summer! My friend D planned an entire summer of "Friday Field Trips!" She researched the area and included places like water parks, plays, orchards, movies, etc. She made a master list and passed it out at church. My kids always have something to look forward to at the end of the week. We don't always make it, but we try.

This past Friday, we went on a Friday field trip to "the Mint" just north of Ft. Worth. It was very cool! It was also free, which is great. :) I don't have any pictures, because I had to leave my camera, cell phone and all food in the car. We watched a 15 min. movie and got to take a guided tour.

We learned all about the process of making dollar bills or "notes." I had no idea that they use 3 different printing processes on the same piece of paper. The designs are changed every 5-7 years, to stay ahead of counterfeiters. One other bit of info...a one dollar bill will wear out after 22 months in circulation and will then be replaced. 95% of the bills they make are used for replacement purposes.

They are currently working on the new $100 bill. They had curtains up around all of the presses making these bills, so we couldn't see. This mystery added to the fun.

So, if you want to see millions of dollars in front of you (behind thick glass), then come to visit and we'll go! (Unfortunately, they do not give out samples.)

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