Wednesday, March 5

happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, Corey!

Today is my dear husband's birthday. We actually celebrated this past Saturday, because of our crazy Wednesday night schedule (baseball, gymnastics, scouts, & activity days). We didn't do anything too exciting. We headed up to Southlake for some shopping (a new sports store had recently opened that he wanted to check out) and lunch at Pei Wei. We had a great time.
Here are some pics of the kids that day. That is Corey, outside of the car, pumping gas.

Corey would not appreciate it if I got all gushy on here about him, so I'll just say that he is my best friend. Our life, family & marriage are so great. I never could have imagined how happy I am with him. I love you and hope you have a fabulous day!


  1. Happy Birthday, Corey!!! Hey, where's your hair? (Is that awful? We need to see each other more often than every 7 years!) Your kids are beautiful, by the way!

  2. Happy birthday corey! I can't beleive how big your kids are.

  3. I don't remember you without hair either Corey! And all your kids are growing up! I can't believe it! What a beautiful family you are!