Tuesday, July 1

Target deals

Ok. I thought that I did pretty good at Target. Here's the rundown. (sorry, no pictures, because we were trying to hurry and get ready for swimming!)

2 lbs strawberries on sale for $2.99
2 bags of M&M's on sale for $2.00 each
1 pkg Peppridge Farms Hamburger Buns on sale for $2 (used a target $.75 coupon)
2 loaves of bread NOT on sale $5.78
1 loaf of bread NOT on sale $2.99
dive toys from the dollar spot $1
cubical storage for my preschool on sale for $39.99
12 pk of 7up on sale for $2.66 (used a target $1 coupon)
2 - 12 pks of A&W on sale for $2.66 (used 2 target $1 coupons)
1/2 gallon of Edy's ice cream - FREE with the purchase of 3 12pks of soda

The soda with the ice cream was definitely a great deal at $1.66 a pack! Can anyone say "root beer floats?"

To access the Target coupons, go to A Full Cup. They have all of the current Target coupons listed and you can print them in multiples. Remember that you can use one Target coupon and one Manufacturer's coupon per item. If you print the coupons in color, you will have better success with having them scan for the cashier.

As a bonus, I had a coupon print for $1 off of 1lb or more strawberries. So, I plan on going back and getting more soda and ice cream, strawberries, and corn.
Yes, I just received an email that informed me that Target (the one here in Mansfield) has ears of corn for just $.10 each! My friend purchased a case of 48. Does anyone know if you can freeze corn on the cob? I thought that I might clean the ears, break them in half and freeze them in freezer bags. My kids just love little ears of corn.

What deals have you gotten today?

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  1. i don't know if you can freeze the corn on the cob, but I know you can blanch the cobs, cut the corn off, and then freeze the corn. That's what my mom does anyway.