Tuesday, July 15

More School Supplies

Thanks to Money Saving Mom for this great information about the sales this week at Office Depot!

  • "Office Depot Value™ Red Eraser Caps 12-PK - $0.01 each (normally $0.99!), limit 5 per customer
  • Office Depot® Brand Semicircular 6" Protractor - $0.01 each (normally $1.99!), limit 5 per customer
  • Office Depot® Brand 2 Pocket Paper Folder - $0.01 each (normally $0.29 each), limit 20 per customer
  • Office Depot® Brand Acrylic Ruler - $0.01 each (normally $0.59 each), limit 5 per customer
  • Also, there is a rebate for a 6-pack TOPS colored junior writing pads - on sale for $7.49, free after mail-in rebate.
  • All deals are good through Saturday, July 19, 2008; however, the ad says that quantities may be limited so I'd recommend shopping sooner rather than later if you want to stock up on these school supplies."

At Walmart, their 70-sheet Spiral Notebooks are on sale for $0.05. Unfortunately, my super Walmart has been out of these each time I go. When I asked about rainchecks, I was told that they don't run out of sale items. Huh??? Um, yes you do. Anyway, I guess I'll try again later on in the week.

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  1. I keep forgetting we are starting school this year! ARGH now I have to keep an eye out for those sales. Thanks for the info!