Wednesday, July 2

Oh, how I love thee - CVS

Stephanie left a comment earlier about this great CVS deal. I'm going to try it out later today.
  • I have a CVS deal for you and anyone else that would like to hear about it. They have the Schick Intuition razor on sale for Buy 1 Get 1. This past Sunday there is a coupon for $4 off. I went and purchased 1 razor and 1 refill ($10.49*2 = $20.98). I gave them my 2 coupons and only paid $2.49 plus tax!!!!

Have you ever been in a coupon slump? Ok, that sounds strange, but that's how I have felt the past couple of weeks. I was tired of cutting coupons and searching for deals. Don't worry, though, because I'm coming out of it!

I went to CVS last night and feel energized! My deals weren't the best, but I got a few things that my family needed and a few ECB's in return. (ECB's are Easy Care Bucks)

  • 2 CVS pantyliners .99 each

  • 1 BIC Soleil razor 6.99

  • 1 BIC Soleil refill 6.99

  • straws (for the root beer floats!) 1.00

  • Shaving cream .99

  • Deoderant 2.99
  • Kleenex B1G1 at 2.19

I paid with...

  • 2 $4 coupons for the razor and refill

  • $10 ECB

  • $5 ECB

My total Out of Pocket was $0.13!!! I also received a $5 ECB for the razors and a $1.98 ECB for the pantyliners. Yea! Now, I would have been more excited if I could have gotten more ECBs back than what I spent. I don't feel badly, though, because I was purchasing things that we currently need.

One more thing, I made sure that I found the price scanner thing in the store and scanned my CVS card. This is always the first thing I do when I go in. It printed out several coupons for me, including my quarterly ECBs - $2.50.

Also, I didn't take any pictures. *sigh* I just love looking at other bloggers pictures of the deals they have done. It is just a pain to try and put everything together for a picture when I have just gotten home and really want to just put it all away. I will try to do better. Maybe if I just take the pic in the kitchen...

If you are new to shopping CVS, I'm sure this post is very confusing! For more basic information, Fishmama has a great CVS Primer post.


  1. YEA! I am so glad you are showing all these deals!- I am going to share them with all I know- thanks for sharing the moneysaving love!

  2. Okay- now I can't wait for Enrichment Night.
    I just went and got 30 ears of corn at Target though and think I need some more to fill up my freezer. 30 will only last us about 5 meals but I'm going to see how good they are first.

  3. You introduced me to all the CVS deals and I to love them!

    My newest love is the Amish grocery stores we have out here. I bought an entire cart of food last week for $40! Tropicana OJ for $1, red beans and rice for $.40, and so much more! Soda (real Coke and Pepsi products) are 5 cans for $1! So many great deals. I get all my snacks and freezer foods, milk, beverages from there. You never know what they will have but it works for all those fill in foods.

  4. Dang! We need to get a CVS store here.

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